Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I Heart.....

Simon Chang...

Older women don't have to be invisible, says fashion designer Simon Chang

I know exactly what his friend means...One of the great shocks I had when I hit 50 was the fact that I was no longer rated so much as a second glance from men. And mind you, I've never been considered a beauty, so if I noticed it, I'm sure other women in their 50s really feel the kick in the pants!

Yes it is silly, but you do start to feel as if you have disappeared - and that does no good at all for your menopausal mental state!

Good on Mr. Simon -- his advice in this regard is right on! I also love the fact that he actually talks about outfitting women in wheelchairs - a really under served and un-thought of group! Face it ladies -- if you live long enough, there's a good chance that sooner or later (hopeful later) you will find yourself needing wheelchair transport! You might as well look good as you ride!

Check out his designs at Simon Chang. Many of his designs are not for the faint of heart -- but there are many pieces I could definitely see myself in!

(A great big shout-out thank you to I Want - I Got for the heads up on this article!)

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