Sunday, January 20, 2008

I Heart....

Dooney & Bourke

And no one is more surprised by that than I!

Up till now I've pretty much ignored D&B bags - as far as I could see they were all about those cutesy candy print bags that youngsters seem to love so! As you know if you've read here often enough that I am no fan of patterned bags - even my beloved Coach line turns me away when they trot out their Signature print bags!

But I was walking through Macy's yesterday (who, by the by, is having an insane sale right now - 25% off designer bags and even more off some of their other brands in-store! So if you happen to be going to the mall today and you've been looking for a good leather bag - check it out!) and what should I see but this lovely:

Large Logo Lock Satchel - $495.00

Whoa! I said to myself - what is that! Imagine my surprise to find out it was a D&B bag!

So I looked around a bit and saw this one...

Extra Large Slouch - $395.00

I was hooked!

The leather is beautiful, the colors delish and the price well within my $500.00 or less benchmark! And the designs are so classic I could carry these bags for years to come.

I checked out the website and realized that, along with Coach, I could happily fill my handbag wardrobe with Coach and D&B bags!

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