Sunday, January 20, 2008

I Heart....

Prada's Spring Collection:

Nappa Delave Tote - $1,895.00

Cervo Antik Tote - $1,510.00

Cervo Pleat Bag - $1,495.00

Structured Calfskin Satchel - $1,495.00

Yes, yes I know. The $500.00 or less rule. Well it's the exception that proves the rule, what? And every so often, you've got to go off the farm - especially for bags as lovely as this!

But this is just plain ludicrous...

Tessuto Tote - $755.00

A beautifully shaped bag -- but $755.00 for what is essentially a nylon tote with a bit of leather wrapped around it????? Not in this life!

Even MORE ludicrous...

Tessuto Weave Tote - $1230.00

I actually really like the design and color of this bag -- but its $1230.00 for woven nylon! NYLON!'s this kind of tomfoolery that makes a joke out of the concept of a luxury bag. It's just a plain shameless grab for cash -- If Prada isn't ashamed - I'm ashamed for them! :-(

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