Sunday, June 08, 2008

Isaac Mizrahi Resort 2009...

See the whole collection here: Isaac Mizrahi Resort 2008

My favs....

I love the architecture of this outfit - the way the structure of the dress gives structure to the figure.

Yes, the pants are VERY voluminous - but they have a Japanese feel to them that I love.

I'm beginning to become something of a fan of the walking short, especially for the 50+ woman (I'm going to try a few pairs on to see if they actually work!). I particularly like the tailored look of this outfit - sleek and grown-up!

Yes, it has a bit of the flower girl look to it - but I love the color and the fuller skirt is more forgiving to most figures. And if you like this look, but don't think your wallet would be able to afford it...skip over to Isaac's Target line and check out these similar looks:

Taffeta Couture Dress - $49.99

Party Dress Ebony - $44.99

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Wendy said...

You CANNOT be serious! I had a dress in the exact same style for my 8th birthday in 1967. It was lemon yellow and I loved it. But for a 50 year old woman, even in black? I don't think so.