Saturday, June 07, 2008

Ah! The Sublime White Shirt....

Or blouse if you prefer!

Every woman has a few staples in her closet that she swears by. One of mine is the white shirt. For me it is one of those pieces that never fails me. It can sharpen a simple suit or workplace pair of pants or skirt in a way that takes you confidently into any meeting and lifts a pair of jeans from casual to classy!

That's why I was delighted by this post from Ms. Angie over at YouLookFab:

Paris: the Anne Fontaine experience (A happy plus - pics of Ms. Angie herself shopping away - and, yes, she looks fab! ;-))

I've never heard of Anne Fontaine before, but of course I skipped right over to the web site. And I must admit, I was not disappointed.

Just a few of my favs:

Delish shirts:

And delightful accessories:

Of course none of this can be ordered online - but I was pleasantly surprised to find that she has several locations worldwide and - surprise! - one right here in Chicago!

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