Saturday, April 19, 2008

The way Target....

Has briskly removed Isaac M.'s name from any position of prominence in their stores in the last few weeks, you'd think that their association was already over!

So imagine how surprised I was last week to get an email from Target touting Isaac's styles for Target! Guess the romance isn't quite over yet....

What am I lovin'?.....

As you may have noticed, these color block dresses are all the rage for Spring and Sumner this year - at 34.99 and 29.99 respectively, Issac makes it easy to add this look to your wardrobe!

I just love how fresh and summery this dress looks! And the fact that it can be worn with or without a shirt doesn't hurt either! ;-)

This dress has such a great retro feel and the colors are citrus fresh - just makes you think summertime!

A great summer work dress that can rock that geometric look right into an early evening dinner!

The empire silhouette of this dress can work well for so many figures - and the silvery color with the right shoes can take you right to a summer wedding in style!

And speaking of shoes...

Aren't these gray darlings delish? I've been looking for a pair of grey pumps and this color is perfect - too bad the heel is too high for me! :-(

Okay I confess - I ordered the above and they arrived yesterday. They are delish! Their actually a tweedy, bronze color - very subtle but very different. And they fit like a charm!

Well, as far as I'm concerned, if this is Isaac's swan song as he sails away from Target to Liz C. - I think he can hold his head up high!

Check out what may be IM's last hurray for Target:

Isaac Mizahi for Target

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