Saturday, April 12, 2008


Poses an interesting question...


I have to admit I have mixed feelings on this - seeing as I was one of those teenagers who purposely dressed as casually as possible as a mark of Independence!

In the Chi-town of my youth, it was customary to dress up to go downtown - I'm talkin' dresses and dress shoes, hats and gloves! (My fellow Chi-Towners of an age, you know where for I speak!) I'll never forget the day, as a teen, when I strutted out of the house to go downtown in jeans - my mother was horrified! "Are you going downtown like that?" she asked. "Yes I am.", I declared resolutely as out the door I went!

Needless to say the days of little girls in patient shoes is far over in the downtown shopping areas (well, except perhaps for the ladies on their way to the American Girl store for shopping and lunching!). And even the last time I attended a CSO concert, dress code was a varied interpretation!

I think we are simply a more casual society in general now - in many ways too rushed and focused on the next task at hand to give great stretches of thought to what we wear. And maybe it is in that that all style dilemna lay.

But that is a meditation for another day. Meanwhile, what do you think - are we dressing just too darn casually?

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