Saturday, April 05, 2008

As you well know...

If you read here often, I don't often post on uber priced handbags (which I define as any handbag priced over $1000.00!)

But sometimes love over rules logic...

Ricky Calf Bag with Gold Detail - $3000.00

Ricky with Top Edge - $3,495.00

Here's the inside...

The Scarf Handbag - $3,185.00

The Sporting Carryall - $1,895.00

If I had the money, I would happy purchase any of the above bags! For whatever reason, they have struck me to my heart with delight! In the case of the Ricky, maybe it's because it's supposedly "Inspired by a vintage Cooper saddle carrier" to quote the description (Oddly, I've not been able to find a pic of this saddle carrier anywhere on the Web! :-/).

Whatever it is, these are the first bags to make my heart truly go faster in a very long time - and actually contemplate spend a small fortune on a handbag! :-O

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