Monday, April 07, 2008

A couple of interesting articles....

Both of which speak to the business of fashion....

Two Who Believe Fashion Is More Than Flash

It was interesting to read about two designers who are deeply interested in the technical skill of making clothes well from the ground up so to speak.

Granted, I do not have the budget to buy "luxury" garments, but I've come to suspect that these days, regardless of what the fashion insiders say, designer garments have become more about the show than true quality. I know that if I was paying upwards of $2,000.00 for a dress I would want the tailoring to be down right spectacular.

It was great to read about the companies that actually manufacture the clothes. And the comments of Ryan Zentner, the NY store owner were equally interesting re: the reality of putting runway styles on real women.

I'd never actually heard of this line before so of course I surfed over to to check out their Spring '08 collection.

Maybe it was all the blue (which is my color) but I loved a lot of what I saw:

I LOVE this coat! But frankly, they could have left that "French Maid" look under it behind! :-p

Okay here's where knowing your business when it comes to tailoring pays off! This is a top that could have been a sloppy mess - instead it comes across sharp as a tack!

And dresses...glorious dresses!

I must confess, I'm not sure I really understand the "not distinctive enough" criticism -- but I guess that comes down to I may not know what's good but I know what I like!

The second article really gets down to business -- and down and dirty it is!...

Big Names in Retail Fashion Are Trading Teams

I've already commented on the move of Isaac M. from Target to Liz Clairborne -- but I have to admit being rather taken aback by all the other big names reaching out for the mass retail dollars! I find the Dana Buchman move to be the most surprising. I'm no fashion business historian, but does anyone know if a clothing line has ever changed their target audience so completely?

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