Saturday, March 01, 2008

It appears that Wal-Mart....

Is not giving up on becoming a force in mass market fashion...

Kamali to Design Line for Wal-Mart

Norma herself appears to be determined to branch out as well. Too Fat for Fashion reported just recently that she has introduced a plus-size line...

Jersey Girls

Good on her. Designers like Ms. Kamali, Isaac Mizrahi and yes, Marc Jacobs get survive and thrive a designer needs to broaden their customer base. The truly creative ones will find a way to service women across the size, age and economic spectrum.

The others? Well, I suggest they take a good look at the fate of the dinosaurs.

(A shout out of thanks to Fashion Inc at Conde Nast for the heads up on the Wal-mart / Kamali deal.)

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