Sunday, March 23, 2008

I have a confession to make.....

I've started a handbag blog...

Bag Sanity

Okay, okay, I know. Those of you that come by regularly are thinking (or perhaps saying out loud...) "WTF!!!!! What the heck is that woman doing starting a new blog when she's not posting as often as she should on the one she already has!"

The thing is that, like so many women, I love handbags. REALLY love handbags! And I was getting a bit afraid that that love might just take over this blog - which I didn't want it to do!

However much as I love them....I have to say that the prices of many bags today has left me woozy with sticker shock!

So that brought up a good question....with all the proliferation of "It" bags for prices far above a grand, is it possible to find a good, durable and - gasp! - stylish handbag for a grand or less?

I'm thinkin' the answer is yes.

So my bag blog is dedicated to featuring good looking bags for $1000 and under.

So if you just can't stay away from handbags, but still want to live indoors - come on by and check out what I've found!

P.S. Yes, bags will still appear here on FF at 50 +!

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