Tuesday, March 11, 2008

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From About: Fashion...

Has Fashion Created a Middle-Aged Monster?

Now this show isn't the kind of "reality" programing I watch (I'm more of an HDTV, Style, Fine Living kind of gal myself - I can watch other people clean-up, fix-up and decorate all day - seeing as I don't do any of that myself!) however I can pretty much follow where she's going. And I agree whole heartily with many of the posts - the only thing you do to yourself when you try to dress like a woman 40 years younger is emphasize that you're not 40 years younger! :-p

I also, obviously or I wouldn't be writing this blog, sympathize with the lady who has managed to take off 30 pounds (a lion's job in and of itself once you get up in years!), is feeling better than she has in a while - but not quite sure how to take advantage of it!

(P.S. I did go by and take a look at the Ivey Abitz site -- very interesting clothing! But I think I'll save all my thoughts on that for another post! ;-) )

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