Saturday, October 13, 2007

Spiegel gets back to Reality.....

Dressing that is!

Here is their Fall 2007 take on dressing for any age...

Realty Dressing - Fabulous At Every Age

Once again (I posted on this originally back in March when they did this the first time) they have some interesting choices. My favorites across the years that contain elements that could work for the 50+ woman as well?:

For the 20 something:

I don't think that faded jeans work for the older woman - a dark wash serves her better. But the tank and sweater could definitely work for the 50 plus femme!

For the 30 something:

Once again, the dark washed jeans definitely works - and I think the sweater could work as well with the right 50+ figure! ; - )

For the 40 something:

I've been looking at this jacket for a while, wishing it came in grey as well as this tan tweed. But I must say that with the pants (which can look a bit much I know which might not work for a more petite gal) I'm a bit more inclined to like the tan! And I even find the leopard print acceptable (I'm not a huge fan of animal prints!)

For the 50 something (Hurrah!):

I would probably ditch the foo-foo blouse in favor of a more crisply tailored shirt in either the same color or white - but the dark blazer and pants definitely work!

For the 60 something:

My general dislike of animal prints aside, I would wear this outfit in a heart beat!

To infinity and beyond!

I simply love the shirt and shoes of this outfit!

Once again, I appreciate the acknowledgement by Spiegel that women of all ages want to keep a modern spin to their dress. So skip on over and check out the other looks!

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