Friday, October 05, 2007

Boots for Wide Calves.....

I'd promised to do a post on boots for those of us with wide calves - but darn it if YouLookFab hasn't beat me too it!

Are Your Calves Too Wide for Long Boots?

Other sources of wide calves boots:

Jessica London (Through not as many as you might think for a plus-sized focused retailer.)

Women Within


Lands End (Okay, it's only one pair - but they are a great looking pair of riding boots so they definitely rate a mention!)

Lane Bryant (Ladies, these boot are just fierce lookin'! Growl!)

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Anonymous said...

What about the fabulous British comapny, DUO. They do boots in 21 calf fittings and shoe sizes 2-10 (UK size). It's so much more than any of the other companies. Worth paying the shipping for such fantastic quality that I haven't found anywhere else.