Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I must admit....

I've never thought of Talbot's when thinking accessories.

However, I recently received a Talbot's accessories catalog - and I must say I was impressed.

Their accessories have the same beautiful, classic understated styling as their clothes - a bit boring, perhaps, for the younger set, but quite indispensable to those of us still interested in lookin' good and keeping our dignity!

And with tailoring being the keyword for fall fashion this year Talbot's is a great source to bring your wardrobe the refresher it might need!

Some of my favs from their Fall line-up:


Mary Jane Flats - $98.00

Round Toe Kiltie Flats - $84.00

Suede Mary Jane Pumps - $114.00

And let's not forget the handbag!....

Slouchy Hobo Bag - $118.00

Tumbled Leather Dual Handle Bag - $178.00

Tumbled Leather Gathered Handbag

And my absolute fav:

Vintage Leather Saddle Bag - $128.00

This one reminds me of all the great leather bags that were available in my youth - casual enough to knock about on weekends but good looking enough to carry as an every day work bag.

To check out the whole fall line just go to Talbots: Accessories and Shoes

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