Sunday, October 07, 2007

Okay, at our ages....

You probably know someone - spouse, friend, lover, significant other, co-worker, family member, whoever! - who is hitting that big 40!

Well assure them that they remain fabulous at 40 and beyond!:

Fabulous at Forty Card by floatinglemons

I love this design - sassy and confidant - the way everyone should feel at this momentous benchmark! (I hope the designer will do a similar one for those hitting 50!)

You can make it a whole theme present by pairing the card with any of the following items with the same design:

Fabulous at Forty T-shirt by floatinglemons

Okay I know - T-shirts with writing can be hard to pull off after a certain age. But you can get this design on different styles of shirt - I particularly like this fitted style. Remember this is a for fun gift after all! ; - )

Fabulous at Forty Mug by floatinglemons

And put it all in the bag!

Fabulous at Forty Bag by floatinglemons

A gift bag that can be used later! How good is that! ;-)

(A note of full disclosure - I am a Zazzle Associate. Sadly, this is not my design! But I will get a couple of pennys if you link through from here and decide to buy - just so you know!)


mrana said...

Thank you so much for showcasing my Fabulous at 40rty design! I'm sincerely flattered and truly appreciate it.

And yes, I'll be doing one for the 50s very soon ... I'll be hitting that in a couple of years and I'd better be prepared :D.

Love your blog, am bookmarking it so I can make regular visits. I love being the age that I am and you're making the future look even more fun! Cheers, Mariana

Anonymous said...

Like your blog and those beautiful handbags!

Sometimes I wanna become a lion, but I'm just a cat.