Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sigh! I guess the whole yellow thing...

Is not going to go away as a trend for Spring!

Personally, I'm NOT a huge fan of the color - when I was younger too much of it made me nauseous! But it appears it is one of the "IT" colors for this Spring - and I must admit that, in the right proportions, it can give a sunny kick to your outfit!

As I do not, at my age at any rate, feel the need to look like a de-striped bumble-bee by wearing an entire yellow outfit, I decided that the best way to take advantage of this trend was with an accessory. So I surfed around and found a few I thought were promising:


Isaac Mizrahi for Target® Flap Bag with Buckle - Grainy Yellow - $16.99

Cute and not to pricey - easy to throw into the back of the closet once the whole yellow thing is over!

Mustard Round Hobo - $45.00

Okay, mustard is cheating a bit - but the bag is cute and the subtler color can easily carry over into fall!

Tulip - Orange & Yellow Leather Buckled Strap Tote - $499.00

What can I say - I just plain love this bag! It's percentage of yellow is just right! (Yes, I wish the price was better, as in cheaper - but I guess sometimes you really do get what you pay for!)


For those of us who need to keep their feet more or less on the ground:

Chinese Laundry LANDYS DOT CANVAS - YELLOW - $59.00

Seychelles 'Social Climber' Flat - $64.95

Diba Kitten Flat - $82.95

For those who can reach a bit higher:

BC Mesh Wedge - $58.00

Ada by Frye - $165.00

Chariot by Delman - $175.00

Seychelles "And the Winner Is" Yellow Patent Leather Pump - $79.99

And if you can still handle the height - good on ya!:

Aldo URSA - $69.99

Marc by Marc Jacobs - $328.95

Now for those of you who, like me, are not big yellow fans - but don't mind sporting a bit of the sunshine color:

Ballroom by Bettye Muller - $295.00

Canvas Printed Wedge - $48.00

Dolce Vita Braided Slingback - $78.00

Gazebo by Bettye Muller - $375.00

I'm sure there are a bunch of belts and babbles as well that you can slip on to give a bit of sunshine to your spring outfit - and if I come across any that look promising I'll post them!

Meanwhile, this lot should give you a good start! Enjoy!

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