Thursday, March 22, 2007

Reality Dressing over at Spiegel...

One of the things I love about Harper's Bazaar is a feature they have in every month's issue. Titled "Fabulous at Every Age", the article takes the most current fashion trends and breaks them down for women ages 20 to 70 giving examples of how to wear that trend for your age group.

It is a great feature and I believe they are the only fashion mag out today that does this as a regular feature! If you get a chance to check it out do - I highly recommend it.

Now it looks like Spiegel is attempting to do the same.....

Reality Dressing: Fabulous at Any Age

I think it is a good first attempt. However, they fall short in my eyes in that they suggest pieces that don't always come in every size - definitely something they need to improve!

Still, I'm heartened to see at least the beginnings of major retailers realizing that women at every age want to remain stylish -- and the sample outfits do have promise.

So go on over and take a look - and kudos to Spiegel for getting with the program! ;- )

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