Friday, March 02, 2007

Here's the article I was TRYING to get to!

Is Looking Your Age Now Taboo?

Personally, I HATE needles! So no one is coming at me with one unless it's for legit medical reasons!

It's very sad that people as young as 30 are feeling the need to look younger! Where will it end - folks trying to look like toddlers forever?

Along with not being fully aware of how false the images we see in ads and mags are, with even 14 year old models being airbrushed (Okay, there is something basically wrong with 14 year olds modeling clothes meant for adults to start out with - but that's a whole other post!) I think there's more than a bit of death denial going on here.

Well guess what, folks - as Capt. Picard said so well about life "Nobody gets out of here alive."

Face up to your age! Deal with it and get on with it - with as much style as you can manage!

No it's not easy - I can testify to that - every morning when I look in the mirror!

But my guess is you'll be a lot happier in the long run - and you'll actually be able to smile without cracking your face off!

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