Thursday, September 21, 2006

Went in for a pendant - Came out with an outfit..What the..????

I had a bout of fashion ADD yesterday. I went into - ugh - Macy's (Or as I'm calling it - MarsMacy's because no, I have NOT gotten over the fact that Marshall Field's is no more! But that rant is for another day!) to see if I could find a silver pendant necklace to go with the gray suit I wore today. I'm very jewelry light, you see, and I'm thinking I should start to address that.

Well I did see some pieces I liked -- but oh the sticker shock! I had my sister on the phone and as I marveled at $25 bucks for a piece of, well let's face it costume jewelry, I had to admit that it had been quite some time (Okay, years) since I've brought a piece of jewelry -- and prices just might have gone up a bit!

I decided to give it some thought and rode up to take a look at the coats (both my sister and I are in desperate need of new walking coats - well, she is in need, I'm the desperate one!). We'd actually seen coats we liked at the MarshMacy in the mall near our house but not in our size. That was still the case -- looks like we have to hit the State Street store!

So since I was there, I decided to see what might have changed in the Women's section. So I took the trip up to the 7th Floor (where we are banished so the diva's won't have to see us shopping I guess!)

I was walking through when I saw it -- AK Anne Klein for Women! I'd seen this line at the mall MarshMacy -- but only for petites! I was SOOOOOO pissed....the clothes were exactly what I like - simple, soft tailored pieces.

And now here they were -- in MY size!

I was to say the least, ecstatic!

I needed a straight forward black skirt that would work for work and after work -- and there it was! Perfect fabric, pencil shape -- and yes it looked like it would fit. Along with the skirt I picked up a red, short sleeved shell with nice detail at the collar and sleeves.

I was on lunch so I brought them without trying them on -- you know the story.

When I got home I put them on....

They fit like a charm.

No length problems.

No waist problems.

Just easy, elegant fit.

I think I'm in love.

And yes, I spent a bit more than I normally do for a skirt. But sometimes it's true -- you get what you pay for.

As for the necklace -- well, maybe I can revisit that today!

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