Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Shopping Alert!.....

Forth & Towne (The Gap's "grownups" store) is having a 50% off sale on new fall pieces.

Check them out at the following link:

Forth & Towne: New Season, New Elegance

I've not had a chance to check out their stores here in the ChiTown area (but I signed up for their e-mail list - go figure!) -- I'll have to plan a field trip! But the pieces on the website do look lovely. Even better - their sizes range from 2 - 20! Go Gap! (But come on guys -- get an online store going on on this site, okay?)

A few samples:

From their Allegory collection - A great work outfit:

Ruffle shirt and skirt

From their Prize collection - This one would move easily from work to evening:

Silk Blouse and Trouser

From their Vocabulary collection - a simply lovely silk dress:

Silk Dress

As you can see, the Gap is really kickin' it up a notch with the Forth and Towne stores! And the prices don't make you feel like you're choosing between a dress and your rent!

So if you've got a F & T near you, check 'em out -- and let me know if you find something you love!

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