Sunday, September 24, 2006

Okay - We buy their stuff but they feel free to dish us? What the f*ck is up with that???

Seems that the Budget Fashionista got trashed by the LCYRA rep at NYC Fashion week Denim Lounge. For all the dirty details go to the following:

Spring Fashion Week Day 8: LYCRA to Plus Size Women: Don't Wear Our Products?

Her comments on this tale of the sorry behavior of this company's rept brings to the fore the basic conflict between the people who produce "fashion" and the majority of the folks who buy it.

Her observations on the back door way designers treat the general public are quite right. Designers tout their "collections" and fawn over the celebs and well-heeled clients in public -- but the bread and butter of their operations are the nom de plume clothes they knock out in anonymous sweat shops all over the world and sell in JC Penney's, Macy's, Walmart, Target, etc.

Meanwhile they turn their collective noses up at the sight of the "unsightly" common folk (e.g. Karl Lagerfeld, who obviously has NO sense of irony - or how ridiculous he sounds taking about other people's girth - as if we've all forgotten how HE used to waddle through the world) -- who's money they're happy to take while pretending they don't. (Case in point: I love the AK Anne Klein clothes line -- but if you go to Anne Klein's site you'll see no mention of it. What's up with that?)

Kudos to the Budget Fashionista for not taking such treatment lying down and at the same time remaining a class act. To bad LCYRA can't say the same for the people they pay to represent them!

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