Wednesday, August 30, 2006

So, even with a ton of money.....

You still have a hard time finding something to wear once you hit 50!

A woman spurned

The loyal St. John customer was turned off by its sexy new look and ad campaign. So now the label is trying to make amends.


I wonder when the fashion industry is going to get the hint -- while those young people they are salivating over so often look like the way to go (And actually, I do understand their point -- any business has to look to the future), it's the baby boomer ladies that have the cash! (Didn't they ever see "Fried Green Tomatoes"?)

And while, true enough, there is no way in this life I'd be able to drop St. John's type money, the point remains the same across the income spectrum.

Get wise designers! Go after the young -- but don't forget where the bread and butter is right now and for a good while into the future.

Chew gum and walk at the same time, guys -- you can do it! ;-)

(On a totally different note -- what's up with this "a 6 is really a 10" bullsh*t? I guess money may not buy happiness -- but it apparently purchases a whole LOT of denial! : - / )

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