Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fall Fashion Extravaganza!......(If you're thin that is)

Is what's going on right now, of course, in all the "fashion" magazines.

And for the first time in a long time I'm taking a look at them. I figure that if I'm going to explore the possibility of being fashionable after 50, I'd best catch up on what is fashionable these days!

I have to say that, looking through the magazine racks made me want to bale on the whole idea! A more disturbing parade of bone thin, painfully young women has never been seen -- or so I thought to myself as I flipped through the current mags. Just looking at them it was pretty obvious where they stand on the proposition of fashionableness after 50 -- give it up baby!

Now, before I rant on, I have to say that Vogue, bless it's heart, made a weak stab at acknowledging that women actually do age and, as they do, actually have to continue to wear clothes (In fact, speaking with myself in mind, it probably should be required by federal law!). Vogue does this every once in a while, coming up with an age issue at least once a year.

The catch, of course, is that while Vogue can gag down the notion that people do grow older, they can't quite choke down the rarely escapable fact that it means the body changes too. The "older" women they feature never, ever, has an extra ounce of middle age and beyond fat on them. Somehow they've managed to travel into their 50s, 60s - oh hell in the current issue their 90s, without bring one extra pound with them.


As I browsed through the magazine, I thought of my circle of friends and acquaintances that are around my age. I can't think of too many that still have the bodies they had in their 20s, 30s or - oh hell again -- in their 40s.

Yet Vogue never seems to be able to find a single over 40 woman who has been able to drag their age related pounds gracefully and fashionably forward into late middle age.

Now I understand that Vogue is a high fashion magazine and, watching myself jelly rollin' dumpyly down the street each day in those oh so unforgiving windows (And riddle me this -- why are there so many of those damn things?) I have to pass everyday, I can't imagine featuring me in the age issue would be the dream of their advertising group. However, if one is going to insist upon having an age issue, at least be honest about it -- or just give it up and don't do it at all!

Anyway, even with all my bitchin' and complaining I did buy a copy. After looking at everything else that was available, I had to at least give them props for trying!

In the end, I've ended up with 3 mags that I could live with - Bust (which I've mentioned before), Vogue (which I just discussed) and O (Which I haven't looked through yet). Actually, listing them I don't think it's a half bad selection - kind of all across the spectrum.

As for the rest of them -- well the message was pretty clear -- give it up old, fat girl!

But you think I'm goin' out like that? HELL NO!

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