Tuesday, May 19, 2009

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Style Spy, the author shares her fab Mom's day outfit with us...

Brunch with Maman

She is right to be mad for that jacket - it is the bomb! It's one of those rare "stealth" tailored pieces - the tailoring is so discreetly executed that you both see it (in the fine way in which it fits) and don't see it (it does have that stiff look that tailored clothing can often suffer from)!

Ladies, if you are ever lucky enough to find a piece like it, buy it! It will serve you well for many years to come!

I also agree with the comment about BR - their game has really stepped up in the pass couple of years. If you can wear their sizes (sadly I cannot) it is a great place to get well done basics to build your wardrobe on! (And as you know, I've been loving their handbags for a couple of years now!)

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Gayle Ann said...

I've always thought Banana Republic was for the young and trendy gals, so I've never shopped there. Thanks to your recommendation, I will definately take a better look!!