Monday, April 13, 2009


The new Liz Claiborne New York is "fully" available on line!

Now I have to admit, I'm a bit disappointed that not every piece that was originally posted collection is available on the site (what's up with that?!?!?), but at least all sizes are up and shopable!

What I am I loving the most from the online selection?....

From the Women's (Misses) collection...

Stretch Denim Trench Dress - $119.00

Peony Print Cardigan - $89.00

(No I don't know why they don't have pic of the cardigan alone...go figure!)

Bonded Cotton Mac with Floral Print Lining - $169.00

From the Petite collection:

Eyelet Shawl Collar Dress - $149.00

Stretch Gingham Pleated Skirt - $79.00

Stretch Sateen Straight Leg Pant - $69.00

From the Plus collection:

Stretch Pique Sweetheart Dress - $109.00

Jersey Crewneck Cardigan - $69.00

Stretch Shawl Collar Poplin Top - $65.00


Toby Wollin said...

OK. I like Mizrahi, but I am really disappointed that in plus and petites, AS USUAL, we are faced with few choices and certainly not the wealth of what is available in the missy range. For all of Isaac's "I love women of all sizes" schtick, what we are getting out of this collection is 'I love women of all sizes as long as they wear Missy."

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of good stuff here. I especially like that first dress!