Sunday, April 12, 2009

Can we be approaching...

The middle of spring already? (With snow falling in the Rocky's, it's hard to believe!)

Be that as it may, Ms. Angie over at youlookfab is giving a mid-season assessment of the Spring 2009 fashion landscape....

Spring 2009 Mid-Season Rants and Raves

I have to say I agree with her on many points! I haven't seen much that makes me say "gee, I have to add that to my spring wardrobe" either - through I do credit some of that to the paucity of my purse!

Right on too regarding the scarcity of light spring jackets - it's one of the few clothing items I actually need this spring(My old one has had it!), but there aren't many out there to choose from and, as yet, I haven't found one that I like enough to buy!

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