Friday, December 12, 2008

As anyone who reads here knows....

I'm an big fan of The Sartorialist, one of the best street style pics blog out there (and the first one I started following when I first started reading fashion blogs!).

But my one issue with the blog has been that there are usually precious few pics of fashionable "women of an age". Now I know that Scott does try to get those pics - but it was just getting depressing to go to his blog and see nothing but willow thin 20 and 30 somethings.

But I was missing his pics, so I went by yesterday. Looking through the pics I was rewarded for my stop by, by a few, wonderful pics of oh so stylish women of an age!

A couple of my favs...

On the Street..... Via Bagutta, Milano

Love the bag, the outfit - and those fierce heels that really show off her great gams!

On the Street.... Certain Elegance, Milan

Elegance pretty much sums this outfit up! I love this particular style - and she pulls it off flawlessly!


Karen said...

Hi! I've added you to my blogroll! Love your blog. Glad you like mine!

metscan said...

Hi ! Hiked here via Deja´s favorites. The pictures you chose from Sart´s are to my liking too. The thing that I don´t approve about him is,that he just about only chooses the comments that flatter his pictures. Now I really don´t think that EVERYBODY is heads to heels in love with them, and I would like to read all kinds of comments. But it is his blog,so... All I can do, is only to comment when I have something nice to say.

LAWhite said...

I just found this blog and I LOVED the photos of fabulous women over 50. I'm 55 and fabulous, and I'm glad to be a member of such a fierce group. I'm adding you to my blogroll!