Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's been a while....

Since I made any book recommendations.

However as Christmas is just around the corner and you might just be looking for a gift for a fashion interested friend I thought I'd mention a couple I think any fashion fan might like...

This delightful book gives info on a series of classic clothing types. Information includes a description of the style, when it became popular, what famous femme worn it and how it might best be worn today. This would actually be a great for the sewing buff in your life as well!

In some ways, both the above books are very similar - outlining classic fashion styles of dress - for example, Bohemian, Bombshell, Classic. They include slightly different takes on these well know styles (The Lucky book sites American Classic, the Bazaar book refers to what I would say is the same style as The Classicists), so you do get some overlapping.

The Bazzar book has a more grow-up point of view, including a greater range of observations on how to dress your shape (And yes, that includes the Full Figured and the Petite!), their wonderful Fabulous at Every Age feature and talking general wardrobe building block basics.

The Lucky book, while frankly aimed at a younger crowd, is great for the detailed way they cover the iconic fashion styles. And young or old, as you read through you'll start thinking about your closet, which of these styles you'll find in there and what that means going forward as you think about adding to your wardrobe.

I own all three, enjoy them thoroughly and think that any one interested in fashion would enjoy them too!

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