Saturday, September 06, 2008

Yeah, yeah everyone was over the moon....

Anticipating the Sex and the City Movie (personally, I'm feeling pumped about getting my copy of the DVD so I can enjoy the girls like I like it - on the small screen!)

But this is the one I'm looking forward to....

The Women

Based on the classic play by Claire Luce Booth and written and directed by Diane English of Murphy Brown fame, this has the potential to be a winner!

While I won't say I love the 1939 movie, I will say I'm fascinated by it and Ms. Booth acid observations on the power struggles between upper class women and those seeking to be upper class in a world where a women's status and power all derived from the men they married. (Check out the Wikipedia entry, The Women (film) for a fuller description of the classic movie)

Needless to say, the favor of the 2008 version is bound to be very different - from what I understand more focused on female friendships and their response when one of their number faces a crisis. But one thing I'm sure they'll share - the emphasis on fashion! The 1939 B/W movie has a famous fashion show scene that is done in Technicolor - as through just the introduction of fashion puts color into the world! And like the play and the earlier movie, there will not be a man insight - but they most certainly will not be out of mind!

And I love the muiti-generational aspect of the film - females from the young to the not so much are represented (its a who's who of some of our best actress across the generations!)!

Personally - I can't wait!

(And of course there are the tie-ins - Go on over to Dove: The Women for a chance to win two free tickets to the movie! And while you're there check out the great behind the scenes videos!

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