Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Okay, can we hold off on the after Christmas sales....

Until AFTER Christmas?

As anyone who has moved can attest, for the longest time you continue to receive the previous occupants junk mail. Thus it is with me also. One of the previous occupants of my present space was a Bloomies customer. I myself am not, but I have been amused over the past few years to receive their Bloomies Christmas catalog. Since along with fashion I'm interested in design, I've enjoyed looking over their luxuriously designed Christmas cats.

Imagine my surprise this year when in the mailbox came, a week and a half BEFORE Christmas - the Bloomies After Christmas sale catalog! My sister made the amused observation that they must already know what they will have left for the sale!

Ah the after Christmas sales...when after overspending on others, we feel more than justified to overspend on ourselves! And if you are longing to somehow change your look, these sales can just be more temptation than you can bear!

Well take a breath - and then take yourself over to Wardrobe 911 for some timely tips on how to shop sales. Ms. Teresa has 3 little tips that may just help you help yourself purchase smart for you wardrobe on Dec 26th!

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