Friday, December 29, 2006

If you're needin' REAL boots....

Not just somethin' to look good in -- you might want to hop over to the following Squidoo lens:

These Ain't Yer Granny's Galoshes!

And no they are not!

Neos Villager All Season Overshoe

I'd not heard of these NEOS overshoe boots but since I am in desperate need for a pair of boots that can take on real weather (we've been lucky so far here in Chi-town but I've lived here my whole life -- so I know THAT won't last!) I will be looking into them! I don't think I've seen an overshoe boot in many a year! And since I basically wear flats, this would be a perfect winter solution for me!

And a chance to do good at the same time -- baby it doesn't get better than that!

If you buy the boots by linking through the lens 100% of the percentage the lens receives will go to the Grameen Foundation founded by this years Nobel Peace Prize Winner Dr. Muhammad Yunus, Ph.D.. If you've never heard of Dr. Yunus, he developed the principles of microcredit to provide small business loans to the poor to enable them to work their way to better lives.

Even if you can't quite bring yourself to go the overboot route, you have an opportunity to learn a ton about the foundation and it's work.

Keep your lovely Manolo ballet slippers, or whatever graces your tooties dry - and give someone else a leg up. Like I said - baby it just DOESN'T get better than that!

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