Saturday, December 16, 2006

9 Days and counting!

Okay so here it is - 9 days out from Christmas! And if you, like me, find yourself not quite where you thought you'd be shopping wise at this point, it might be time for a few ideas for those fashion centered gifts for those fashionistas on your list!

Over at The Budget Fashionista, the buying diva has a list of great gifts under $25.00:

Best Gifts Under $25

Now if, like me, your favorite fashion fan is also a bookaholic here are some recommendations for books they can cuddle up with by the tree:

Gifts for bookworms with passion for fashion

Speaking of books -- Kick it over to Borders' Perfect Gift site for suggestions for any book lover on your list:

Borders: Find the Perfect Gift

And while we're on the subject of books - I have a couple of suggestions myself. Unfortunately I've got to fly -- Christmas tasks await! But watch this spot -- I'll try to get them posted later today!

Okay, so, if all those e-mails and catalogs that have been clogging your e-mail and real mail box from every retailer you ever so much as looked at hasn't given you enough ideas, you're armed with more! Don't say I never did nothin' fer ye! ; - )

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