Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A tale of 3 Returns - Part 1

As you know if you’ve been reading the blog, I’ve made several clothing purchases over the past month or so - some in the real world and some in the virtual. Of course with varying success. And varying success leads to – yeah you know – returns.

So far I’ve had to deal with three from three different retailers – Sears.com, Lane Bryant and Elisabeth.com. Here’s the first post on how each of them faired as far as dealing with returns:

Sears.com: The online Sears site states that you can return your online purchases to any physical Sears store (that sounds so weird as I type it!).

That’s exactly what I did with a pair of black Covington pants that did not fit correctly (which was weird in and of itself since I already own a gray pair of the same model which fit perfectly! This is the kind of thing that makes women crazy when it comes to shopping – but I digress).

Actually I had to try this return twice, but through no fault of the store – I did not read the instructions for returns as carefully as I should have. Seems that the confirmation e-mail you’re sent is the important document to have with you when making the exchange – not the packing slip – because the RC# for each item is listed in that e-mail. The sales clerk will need that number in order to complete the return. By the way, my sympathies to the Sears sales staff – on both occasions they were aware that online purchases can be returned at the store – but it does not appear that they have been trained on HOW it’s to be done!

Despite that fact, both times the sales staff was very accommodating and took whatever time it took to find out how to do the exchange. Once the how was established, the return went like clockwork – no troubles!

So hat’s off to Sears.com – they are as good as their word! Kudos to their sales staff as well!

Note to Sears: Do your staff a favor and give them some training on this process okay? You can make both their lives and the lives of your customers just a bit easier!

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