Friday, October 27, 2006

Shopping Alert!....

Okay. It's Friday and payday (for somebody, I'm sure!). So if there are any dollars left after the bills get paid.....

Kate Spade's got another sale going on (What, is she taking tips from Macy's?):

Kate Spade Sale

Looks like the Liz C. group is firing with both barrels for fall:

Liz Claiborne Fall Sale

Elisabeth Fall Sale

(Now if you have been reading this blog, you'll notice that I posted the 15% off sale in an earlier post. However, as the e-mail I just recieved stated "up to 60% off" -- so I figure it might be worth it to post it again....)

And Forth and Towne is already getting on their holiday groove....

Forth & Towne


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