Sunday, August 22, 2010

I have to say....

That I've not paid much attention to The Gap since I left my 20s, early 30s. Then as I grew older and wider, the clothes at Gap not only seemed too young but too small as well!

Still, as I've been reading some of my favorite fashion/style blogger, at least a couple are singing the praises of the Gap.

Not to let it be said that I'm closed minded, I decided to take a look at the website. And yes, to my surprise, I found myself loving more than one piece:

I love sweaters and the two above just work for me! They're pieces you can pair easily with pants or a skirt. (I love the idea of the charcoal gray chunky one with a slim black pencil skirt!)

And as for pants...

They call these the "perfect trouser". I can't attest to that, but they certainly look close to, don't they? Pair them with the blazer...

And it's off to work!

With sizes 0-20, I might actually be able to fit into one of these pieces! I've decided to make a visit to my local Gap (there's one near my job) to see just what range of sizes they offer in the store. (Five gets ya ten sizes larger than 16 will be no where in sight! I'll let you know!)

(Get Ms. Angie of youlookfab take on the Gap's rework - The Gap is Back.... )

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