Sunday, January 04, 2009

At my age....

I've long since dropped the idea of new years resolutions - having learned that they have the shelf life of the champagne you popped as the New Year came in!

Still, it's not a bad thing to establish new goals for the New Year! So in that state of mind you could do worst that check out this resolution list on managing your wardrobe in the New Year from Ms. Angie over at YouLookFab:

New year’s resolutions for 2009

I've already implemented the 3rd resolution regarding anything that does not have the potential to fit perfectly having just returned a blazer and pants to Macys that I ordered on line. At first I thought both pieces would "work" with a little alteration. But when I tried both on again just before taking them for those alterations I realized that even if the work was done the suit would not do me proud. So with a heavy, but determined sigh, back they went!

I'll keep looking - for something that will make me say "I look damn good in this!" when I look in the mirror! ;-)

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budget chic said...

Oh yeah, waiting on that Target collection to go on sale in next couple of week, when Spring inventory comes in