Saturday, January 10, 2009

What I wore....

Since I've been doing this blog for about 2 years, (and I brought a new digital camera to replace the one that died on me right before Christmas!) I thought it was time I put a few pics up of my daily wear.....

Monday, 1/5/2009

Shirt - Eddie Bauer
Pants - Lands End
Sweater - Lord and Taylor
Bag - Etienne Aigner Bruckner Tote

(I warn you - IF I decide to do this sort of post often, you are going to be seeing a LOT of black!)

Pretty much everything I was wearing on Monday were beloved oldies. It was going to be a mostly at the desk day - no meetings scheduled - but I knew that if I was pulled into one, this outfit would not only work but I would feel very comfortable in it. And that cashmere sweater is nice and toasty - definitely needed on the cold Chi-town day that Monday was! (It was a great buy too - $50.00 bucks down from I believe $150.00 during the "Water Tower Lord and Taylor, American Girl Store is kickin' us to the curb" - closing sale about a year ago.)

And speaking of go to black, do yourself a BIG favor and check out the wonderful slide show On the Street - The Modern Woman by NY Times photographer Bill Cunningham. The pictures are wonderful as is Mr. Cunningham's narration. (Big old shout out of thanks to About: Women's Fashion for the heads up on this one!)

Tuesday, 1/6/2009

Green around the gills is what I was wearing - sick and working from home! What did I wear? You don't want to know!

Wednesday, 1/7/2009

Shirt - Talbot's Stretch cotton sateen blouse - Bittersweet

Sweater - Talbot's Belted tweed cardigan - Balsam Green

Pants - Sears Covington

Handbag - Etienne Aigner Bruckner Tote

The Talbot pieces are new - the shirt and sweater worked great with my chocolate brown Covington pants.

Thursday, 1/8/2009

Took my mom to a doctor's appointment - knock about clothes, strictly going for comfort! (Yes, I'm cheating - I'm not going to share!)

Friday, 1/9/2009

Family issue, working at home again!

So as you can see, I'm pretty much your average 50s+ gal - I've put on the pounds as I've gotten older, but gee I still have to dress (go figure!). And because I, like so many women, are one size on top and another on the bottom, my closet is composed mainly of separates.

Special thanks to my long suffering sister for taking the pics!


Rita@Goldivas said...

Comfy, but pulled together - nice!

budgetchic said...

Nice outfit and great sweater! Would look fab with the right belt. I need to stick my head in Talbot's more often, especially around this time when all of the store are having good clearance sales.