Sunday, June 17, 2007

Over at Styledash....

Okay, as I try to catch up, I'm overwhelmed with the posts from Styledash!

However, here's a few I think you might enjoy...

Get Stiff

Okay, every woman (and for that matter man) alive should have a cache of these in their desk drawers! (Because, of course, the hem issue ONLY happens when you're on the way to a big meeting! :-/)

Crocs Go Stylish

My aching ankles and stabbing pain heels say Hurrah!!!!

My favs:

The Neat

Nightcap Poppy

Yeah, their still lovin' those bright colors - but is that so wrong when the shoe is so cute? And with the possibility of being cute and comfy - growl!!!

(Pics credit to Blogging Stocks)

Eat Cake - Lose Weight

Sounds like something that, if you are

1. Trying to lose weight,
2. Trying to eat healthier or
3. Both of the above

is worth having! (I'm a number 3, so I will be looking into it!)

Another Booty Shoe

Assuming you are actually walking - not just wearing them as you drive around town, which is actually the issue for most of us, is it not?

Invest in a Luxury Fund

Hummm...maybe I'd better check my 401K fund for this choice. After all, if folks are going to be mad enough to spend 4000+ on a handbag, why not cash in? ;-)

And last and certainly least, in the just plain wrong column...

Little Lily Dog Bikinis

Considering the source, no surprise here - why just embarrass yourself when you can drag your dog into it too!

People - STOP DRESSING YOUR DOGS! If you haven't noticed - they came with their own outfits!

Actually, the only reason I'm linking to this is that the illustration is just too darn cute! And I need a cheer up today!

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