Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Belt Bags Back?????

Back in the day when I was a Girl Scout, I had a beloved GS belt purse. It was the perfect embodiment of the Girl Scout philosophy - things you need at the ready but keeping your hands free for action!

I loved that green vinyl patent change purse that fit so discreetly on my belt, carrying my cash close to my body and leaving my hands free for whatever I was doing at the time! And oh how my heart broke when it finally gave up the ghost!

Now admittedly, the belt bag is a problematical fashion accessory - it isn't easy to wear with grace.

But folks continue to try to come up with a good version of this handy bag. Check out Flote bags on


A couple of my favs:

Flote Gold Bedford - $77.00

This bag is made of textured Italian leather and I love the color!

Flote Black Stash - $77.00

Made of smooth calfskin leather, it has a nice,tailored look.

Flote Navy Brass Allowance - $30.00

Made of heavy cotton canvas and a bit thinner than the first two, this could be a great, with jeans, errand running bag!

All the above bags have back clips that allow you to clip them to your belt.

EBags is offering all the above for 20% off. So if you've been looking for a bit more bag convenience but something more stylish than the much maligned fanny pack, the Flote bags might just fill the bill!


Sarah L. said...

Flote bags are beautifully made and so much fun to wear. We wear them on our yoga pants, carry them on our tote bags and my friend likes to clip the smaller ones on her boots! They have something for everyone!

Anonymous said...

I have the stash- fits lots of things, the quality is fantastic and I get lots of compliments every time I use it!. Cool clip!

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