Saturday, January 29, 2011

Okay I think....

This is a fascinating idea...

Rebecca and Drew

If you've read my blog in the past you're probably aware that I love and swear by a good shirt! However, like most ladies, finding one that fits well is, to say the least, a challenge!

So when I came across this site link, I had to take a look! Reading through their site, I think it's a good attempt to address one of the constant issues with women's shirts - the gap issue right at the bust line. They try to address this by using what they call the Trio Fit sizing method. Since this is a different approach, they have also put up a series of very good videos to explain just how it works:

In addition to shirts, they also sell shirt dresses - using the same method for sizing.

I'm seriously thinking of giving them a try through, to be honest, I'm thinking this method will not work for me - along with being narrow in the shoulders, I've got the 2 sizes body problem - small up top, wide below. (However, when I stepped through the order process, just as a test, I see that they offer additional customizing if you order their Insignia line - so there might be opportunity to address the shirt for those hips! ;-) )

Still I might give it a go - the quest for the perfect fitting shirt continues! ;-)

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