Saturday, February 20, 2010

Do go over to....

Style and the City and check out one of my favorite street fashion blogger Kamel's pics from fashion week - their wonderful!

Here's a taste...

Is this a great look or what? The coat, the gloves - this young woman looks fantastic in it, but an of us 50+ gals could pull this off too! Delish!

By the by, I don't just love Kamel's blog for the great pics - his commentary on his pics and his experiences taking them is upliftingly postive. You get the feeling that he doesn't just love fashion - he loves style and the people who express it in how they dress. His words are as good for the soul as his pictures are for the eye! If you haven't done so, check him out!

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Thank you very much for your good taste and your kindness

as i am used t tell it to my readers : life is as beautiful as we want it to be
their is no beauty without love, happiness and generosity

i just try to find people that share that and show it to the world

have a wonderful day