Saturday, August 01, 2009

A great post....

From Fat, Frumpy and Fifty on the never ending saga of finding a bra that fits!

I'm on the bra wagon too...

Yes, I'm back on the bra hunt as well. The best fitting bras I've worn of late are the Victoria's Secret Body by Victoria. In fact, I just picked one up, on sale (through for some reason, the straps on this one won't stay put!).

Besides fit,the other thing I've loved about my Body by Victoria is that it comes (or at least came) in a wonderful coco brown color which closely matched my skin color and, as such, was pretty much invisible under the sheerest of shirts.

It's my understanding that an "improved" version of the bra is coming out on 8/11/09. I just hope they don't "improve" it out of being the best bra I've ever worn!

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Christina Lee said...

I SO need a new bra- going to check that one out!