Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fashion Under $100.00...

Is one of my favorite blogs! Ms. Dana, who writes it, sets herself the often daunting task of recreating a celeb's designer duds for $100.00 or under.

Much as I love her site and the idea behind it, I rarely point to it because most of the outfits she translates are a bit too young for the 50 plus gal to pull off - well to pull of and keep her dignity! ;- )

Imagine my delight, then, when I stopped over and found not one, but three outfits that I think can work beautifully for the 50 plus femme...

Michelle Obama's look for $97.96

This is a great casual outfit - and a perfect example of how a dark pair of pants can make you look taller (and slimmer)!

Demi-Moore's look for $94.38

Ginnifer Goodwins look for $96.79

I list these two together because they are both such classically beautiful looks - just the kind of style that works so well for the 50 plus lady! (If the bare arms thing is a concern, a lovely Pashmina (see my post There was a time for a link to a post on pashmina purchasing tips), short cardigan or one of the short shrugs that are so popular right now can "cover" that!)

And as a bonus - Demi's look would make a wonderful mother of the bride outfit! ;-)

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