Thursday, September 27, 2012

Flattering50: Fashion Over 50: What’s the point?

Flattering50: Fashion Over 50: What’s the point?:

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Get thee over to my newest over 50 fashion blog find Flattering50 and read this excellent post on being fashionable once you cross that 50 mark!

I TOTALLY agree with the observation that as women get older we suddenly find ourselves with the freedom to dress just to please ourselves. While irritating of course (and yes, maybe even heartbreaking if truth be told), that sudden "invisibility" that happens when a woman hits 50 brings with it some privileges - like being able to say "to hell with it - I like it so I'm wearing it!" ;-)


Susan said...

People should be able to wear whatever they want at any age - fifty plus or minus! And fashionable at 50+ can definitely be done! :)

Flattering50 said...

Thanks a million for the mention!! So glad to find your blog. Best wishes, Susan @ Flattering50