Sunday, September 12, 2010

Yes it's Fashion Week....


Mostly I try to ignore Fashion Week for two reasons:

1. I just can't think about NEXT season when we haven't even entered the CURRENT season!

2. Most of the time there is nothing for the 1. Old and 2. Fat. Knowing that upfront, I just spare myself the irratation.

So, after my first year of blogging, I basically leave it to other blogs to do the coverage. It's probaly for the best - so many of them now actually go to Fashion Week that their coverage is way better than anything I could do from my little bedroom!

So if you want the Full Monty, here's my recomendations:

1. YouLookFab -- Ms. Angie always does a great job covering the shows and the trends they represent. And now with her new site she kicking it up a notch!

2. -- THE place to go to view all the outfits from pretty much every show - judge the looks for yourself!

3. Styleit -- Ms. Sarah blogs the shows from a plus-size gal's perceptive - refreshing to say the least!

4. Second City Style -- Hey, I have to give a shout out to my homegirls over at the premier Chicago fashion blog. That and the fact that it looks like their reviewing quite a few shows - nice.

5. The Sartorialist -- Last but not least, keep an eye out for Scott's always great pics of the street action during Fashion Week - almost always more interesting than what's going on on the runway!

6. And for just plain fun - get yourself over to Bill C's great videos over at the NYT: On The Street: Foot Notes . His commentary is the best! :-)

There you go - probably all the Fashion Week coverage you'll be able to stand! ;-)

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