Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sister girl...

I feel your pain....

From the The Wall Street Journal

Shoeaholic Mourns Stilettos, Copes With Comfort

I was never really a shoeaholic, but in my day I loved to wear a good looking pump! Now it truly pains me that I can no longer go much beyond a good kitten heel due to my enema issues.

This video cuts straight to the heart of some of the issues you just about have to face as you age - finding a way to do so in a way that accommodates some of your new limitations - while not giving up on style!

Just remember - if you don't indulge in denial and keep your head in a positive space, it can be done!

I have a pair of walking shoes similar to the ones this lady finally settled on - and I have received more complements on them than on any heel I've ever worn. I think it's because they have a very pretty toe - so when you look down you see these pretty shoes sticking out from under the pants, not the swollen foot!


Fritinancy said...

Do you perhaps mean "edema" (swelling) rather than "enema"?

Fab50Plus said...

Opps! Ya got me!

Yes I did mean edema!

What I get for not double checking! :-/