Friday, July 25, 2008

I don't usually.....

Feature handbags over $1000.00 here (and certainly not on my bag blog!).

But every once in a while, a uber expensive bag just steals my heart (if not my wallet!)....

Tod's Dokt Bag Tote - $2345.00

For me this bag works on so many levels - classic look (you'll be able to carry it until the day you die and it will still look in style), 2 handles (one for the hand, one for the shoulder - always great to have a choice!), a latch that looks great but is also practical (unlike the Birkin or the Kelly, beautiful bags that they may be!) and the leather just looks lush!

All in all, if I had around $3000.00 to blow on a handbag, this one would be high up on my list of possibles!

And yes, if you just love bags of lizard - and have $30,500.00+ (Yeah that's right - $30,500! - by my calculations a year's worth of mortgage payments for a rather nice house) to pitch out the door you can get this beauty in alligator!

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