Saturday, August 25, 2007

As we comtemplate our closets for Fall....

It's time to contemplate how to make the best out of our Fall purchases!

And just like real estate is all about Location, Location, Location - clothes that make you look good are all about Fit, Fit and Fit!

And to get that indispensable fit, we're all going to have to start thinking alterations...a concept common to men's suit shopping, but something that most women probably don't think of as part of the price of their clothing purchase.

Well ladies it time we did...and over at youlookfab the wise Ms. Angie is getting you schooled:

Alterations: the path to perfect fit

The sad fact is that off the rack does not necessarily mean it fits off the rack!

I have finally gotten it through my thick head that I HAVE to get my pants and often my skirts, altered in the waist 'cause, as a now pear shaped gal, these hips of mine have to be accommodated first when I'm shopping.

The prices Ms. Angie lists look about right to me based on my own experience.Just recently I had a pair of Eddie Bauer chocolate brown linen pants altered in the waist (miraculously, the lenght was right for a change - yes I'm pear shaped AND short!). The pants were $44.00 on sale and I paid an additional $13.00 to have the waist fixed. So in total the pants cost me $57.00 - still less than the original price of the pants!

It will take a bit of practice, but you do need to start getting in the habit of calc'ing in the price of alternations as you're trying on those fall fashions!

Having clothes that not only look great but feel great because they actually fit you will be worth the extra! ; - )

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